Prior any purchase on Cavacave, we remmend you to pay attention to various dimensions of any transaction with private sellers.


Selling price

Price is a top criteria to consider before any purchase. Your first question should be: ' Is it a fair deal?'. To help you on this aspect, we aggregated a free and independent quote we display beside the selling price. Then you can estimate if the selling price is in line with the market price. Please note, this quote is only based on a 75cl bottle in perfect condition (label, cap, cork, level, transparency). If the bottle you are interested in is not in perfect conditions, then we recommend to discuss the price with the seller. Do not hesitate to use the 'make an offer' link to contact the seller with the price you consider as the most appropriate. Please keep in mind offering a no-sense, too low price is inefficient and annoys the seller. You will not receive any answer.


Traceability and storage

In order to publish an ad, the seller is requested to fill a very complete form to detail the condition of the bottle and its history. We display all these information in order to help you to make your mind on this bottle you are on the point to buy. Checking the tab 'Condition - Traceability', you validate the condition of the label, the cap, the cork, the level as well as the purchase channel and the description of the storage conditions.

Do you need more information about a bottle? Contact the seller, we offer a private or public way to contact the seller and ask your question. Any doubt on the sourcing, why not requesting a scan of the purchase invoice?

The Flasker and Corker who sells his bottles wants to find a buyer. In this context, he will be happy to answer all your enquiries.


The Pictures

The pictures illustrate the description of the bottle. If there is no picture of the bottle attached to the ad or if you want more with a specific angle, just ask for it.



To summarize, do not hesitate to open a clear communication chanel with the seller to share your questions. Then, you will know everything about the bottle your are on the point to purchase.


Now, you know everything to purchase on Cavacave.

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