Service Definition

Cavacave acts as a personal advisor for a client by buying investment wine on his behalf for the purpose of building a wine portfolio.
Cavacave holds the exclusive market rights to the expertise and technology – provided to the company by WineForecasts® - to rate, appraise, and forecast the value of wines. These elements are used to best advise clients during the wine acquisition process.
Neither Cavacave nor WineForecasts® are financial institutions. The client should turn to a duly accredited organization for financial advice. Information provided to the client is based on 15 years of experience. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Our investing advice is based on the information drawn from internal statistics and other external sources that are considered reliable by WineForecasts®. Our advice is a reflection of our judgement at a given point in time and without any guarantee of results.

Investing Objective and Policy

The portfolio objective is to provide a high return on invested capital through medium to long term strategies with investments made exclusively in physical wines (not on wine futures or En Primeur wines) originating primarily from Bordeaux, Bourgogne and Champagne.
Our positions are based on a professional market analysis performed by the research and analysis team of WineForecasts®, a company for which holds exclusive sales right. The wine selection is based on the specific features of each wine such as brand, château-owner, rating as well as vintage quality and value.
The portfolio will be made up of investment-grade wines that meet those criteria. Their provenance is certified and are offered at the market's most competitive prices.
An active portfolio management methodology is applied. Priority is given to obtaining the best financial performance for each Client through an exhaustive market analysis and related factors as defined in expertise and analyses. The WineForecasts® team closely works with each portfolio manager to keep the Client up to date on his portfolio performance and provide personalized advice to help increase the return on his investment.

Investing Profile Identification

The investment wine experts will identify your investing profile during their first meeting with a client according to budget, investment length, objectives, and risk tolerance.

Profile Types

  • Secure Profile: the portfolio is mainly built around a vast selection of the most renowned producers (ROI goal is 12 % per year on a five-year period).
  • Active Profile: the portfolio includes a vast array of renowned producers with some up and coming superstars (ROI goal is 15% per year for five years).
  • Dynamic Profile: portfolio is made up of renowned wines, micro productions (e.g. Musigny Roumier, limited to 300 bottles per year) and up and coming superstars. (ROI goal is 20 % per year for five years).

Amount Invested propose building a portfolio for a value equal or superior to 10 000 euro (or the equivalent in foreign currencies). Cavacave remuneration is based on a 5 % ( commission added on top of each amount paid by the Client.


The Cavacave and WineForecasts®  buyer and seller networks have joined forces to find the best references to build the best portfolios at the best terms possible.To facilitate the buying process, Cavacave proposes to centralize billing without assuming liability for the product delivered. Pursuant to international trade practices, we cannot guarantee that the content of a closed bottle has been altered in any way. We however guarantee a perfect match between the wine quantity bought, invoiced and delivered. European legislation shall prevail regarding the application of the principle of place of origin, billing, and shipping destination with regard to VAT. Payment will be made, after the client has validated the portfolio selection, by bank transfer according to the information communicated by the personal advisor to his client. The whole bottle lot remains the full property of the supplier/seller as long as the whole amount has not been paid in full by the Client.


The whole bottle lot acquired by the Client remains his inalienable property. Thus, after having defined qualitative and quantitative objectives as well as investment length, a portfolio selection is suggested to the client and has to be validated by him. Following agreement with his personal advisor, the Client will then settle the invoice prepared by Cavacave by aggregating the invoices of several suppliers. It is understood that the bottles will remain the property of the seller for as long as the whole amount of the invoice has not been paid in full by the client.
Considering the 'stock picking' approach to purchase at the best price, we cannot 'book' the bottles for more than 4 working days from the moment the portfolio is suggested to the client. After this deadline, cavacave advisor can propose alternative wines, presenting similar potential of performance compared to the intial offer.


Wine transport is managed by specialized professional service providers. These shipping companies guarantee a minimum insurance coverage level of at least equal to the value of the items shipped. They also respect the specificities and fragile nature of the product they transport. Shipping fees are assumed by the seller of the bottles selected to build the portfolio. We cannot be held liable in case of additional customs duty charges, detention or customs inspections if the Client has not supplied all the information necessary to proper merchandise delivery. Cavacave or WineForecasts® sellers and partners commit to  take care of all the steps necessary to start a cellar to the client's name, within the storage facility he has selected, as soon as the buying agreement has been signed. The client will communicate to his advisor all the information that could be necessary to that effect.  The cellar will be a personal storage space whose operations will be managed according to the conditions stipulated by the storing facility, as communicated by the advisor to the Client if applicable. The seller commits to deliver the Wine to the client within 21 calendar days after amount invested has been paid and according to the delivery instructions given by the Client. This aforementioned delay of 21 calendar days could be exceptionally increased by 5 additional calendar days if the wine is stored in a bonded facility. In those cases, the advisor will do his very best to notify the Client in advance – and as soon as possible – of possible delivery delays.


Cavacave recommends the service of the London City Bond for wine storage. These facilities already store more than 6 million cases of wine on behalf of collectors, investment funds, wine merchants and investors. The presence of your bottles at the London City Bond guarantees the best storage, safety and insurance coverage conditions. Fund availability is also maintained by the resale potential of your bottles to the clients of this renowned storage facility. The contract is made to the name of the Client. The Client is thus responsible for the direct payment of the stocking fees to the supplier he has selected according to this supplier's contractual terms and conditions. Bottle movement or access is impossible without the written approval of the Client. If the Client decides to store the wines making up his portfolio in a private cellar of his choice, Cavacave will lose all traceability and will not be able to guarantee a valuation up to the rating that has been communicated. Cavacave can suggest customs bonded warehouses that enable tax-free acquisition of bottles.

Portfolio Follow-up

After having created an account, the client can access his portfolio through a specific section on the website. He can then follow the evolution of his portfolio, access market information as well as resale and acquisition opportunities. Website information is updated every three months.

The Client receives a quarterly report that includes a portfolio assessment as well as one-off transaction recommendations. Our goal is to provide, for each portfolio, a value appreciation higher than that of the market for a recommended 5-year investment horizon.

Duration Commitment

The portfolio has no set investment duration. The Client can liquidate in whole or in part his investment when he deems fit or on the advice of his portfolio manager without additional fees for cancellation or early termination.


The client has a duration commitment and can ask to sell or have his bottles sent to him at any time. The Client remains responsible for any fees described in the general terms and conditions of sale described in the contract he has signed with a storage service provider.

The Client remains the only authority that can authorize portfolio transaction.

When a decision must be made concerning the reduction of certain portfolio elements, the Client is still the only authority in charge that will decide if he wishes to sell his bottles independently or through the resale network that consists of Cavacave and its professional partners.

The average time-to-resale observed through this network does not exceed two months from the resale decision. This timeframe does not constitute a commitment. Agents working on the resale on behalf of the Client are bound by a best-endeavor obligation to facilitate transaction in the best timeframe possible.

If the resale has been concluded through Cavacave, a 20 % commission on the added value generated during the whole investment period will be deducted from the sale proceeds paid to the Client. Payment will be made by bank transfer to the account whose information has been provided by the Client within 15 business days following the transaction.

Performance Guarantee

If a sale is concluded through this network, Cavacave will only take a resale commission if the total ROI of the wine lot that has been sold has exceeded 5 % annually for the whole holding period.
If this is not the case, that is if the return has been strictly under 5% during the same period, the resale will be exempt from any commission.


Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Investing advices are based on information derived from our own statistics and other external sources that WineForecasts® considers reliable. Advice reflects a judgement made at a given point in time without any guarantee of results. The risk associated to a given portfolio depends on regional exposition and on the numbers of Châteaux and vintage wines it contains.

Limitation of Liability

Cavacave cannot be held liable if the market over or underperforms compared to its published estimates.


These general terms of sales could be modified or change over time without any notice.

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