Who Manages my Portfolio?

Cavacave has concluded a partnership with leading wine experts that have been advising some of the best wine investment funds and some of the most famous collectors. Under the Wineforecasts® banner, our visitors and clients can now benefit from the market's most valuable advices.

Am I the owner of all the bottles making up my portfolio?

Yes. You have full ownership of the wines you have bought. Nobody can touch them without your consent. Once your wines have been delivered, a storage contract will be made to your name. Nobody can access your collection – except you.

Can I have my wine bottles sent to me?

You can get your hands on your wine bottles at any time. You just have to contact the organization in charge of storing them, pay shipping charges and VAT. Your bottles will be delivered within a week (to any European address) as soon as payment as been received.

I would like to sell some bottles in my portfolio. How do I proceed?

WineForecasts® commits to resell any bottle in your portfolio within a maximum of two months at the current market value (minimum) through its partner network.

If I would like to sell part or all my portfolio. When will I receive the sale proceeds?

Wine is generally paid through a bank transfer. Funds will be available to you within 48 hours to five days after the transaction date. Your wines will be taken out of your personal cellar only when you have received the full amount.

•    Your advisor will find a buyer in his privileged networks
•    The buyer settles the invoice by a direct bank transfer to your account.
•    Once you have received your payment, you notify the storage company to make your wine available for purchase.

Simple, easy, transparent.

What are entry and management fees like?

We charge 5% broker commission on each amount invested.
There are no management fees.
Storing fees are directly charged by the organization that cellars your bottles. If you chose the London City Bond, they will directly invoice their fees to you (around 0,18£ per month and per bottle, charged on a yearly basis).

When will I be able to resell my bottles?

We usually advise to keep your wine bottles at least three years to fully benefit from price increase and optimize your investment. It is however possible that you might need some liquidity at some point. In that case, we remain at your service to help you sell your bottles at any time you may wish.

If we notice a demand on one of the lines found in your portfolio, and if that line has generated an important ROI and has reached a peak, your advisor will get in touch with you.

Can you resell my bottles?

If you wish so, Cavacave can manage the resale of your bottles through its partner network. Each partner is bound by a best-endeavor obligation to help resell your bottles. This resale process usually takes less than two months.
 In the case we find a buyer for your bottles, a 20% commission on the added value generated is invoiced. To prove our belief in the high ROI we generate, no commission will be invoiced on a return less than 5 % per year.

How is Cavacave remunerated?

Our service has no hidden fees. We believe in simplicity and transparency. Our compensation is a 5% commission fee taken on the top of each investment value. Then, the bottles remain entirely yours.

Are my bottles benefiting from the best cellaring conditions?

We recommend storage at the London City Bond, a warehouse that features the most optimal storage conditions. This location is also the most appreciated, the safest, and the one ALL of the world's most serious wine collectors and professionals trust when it comes to cellar their bottles.

Are my bottles insured during shipping and cellaring period?

Absolutely. Your wines are insured to their resale value during shipping and cellaring.

What is the average return on the portfolio we managed over the last four years?

Over the last four years, the average ROI on the portfolio managed by WineForecasts® reached more than 12 % annually.

What channels are used to source the bottles making up my portfolio?

Bottles are directly bought either from their producer or official resellers (agents or distributors).They can also be bought from renowned official colleagues that are respected by the whole profession.

Can I cellar the wines at my home?

Of course. You will then have to pay VAT in addition. We recommend that you contact your insurer to add their fair value to your contract. We also recommend that you buy a professional wine cellar with electronic controls (we can recommend some brands according to the number of bottles you own).

What guarantee can you provide me with on investment and return?

As with all financial products, past performance are not indicative of future gains. Cavacave offers an independent wine investing consulting service. Our partner, WineForecasts®, has developed an algorithm to predict the evolution of the value of your wine based on a financial rating that measures potential gain.

Financial Rating



 100 A 20% return (or higher) each year
95-99 A 15 to 19% return each year
0-94 A 10 to 14% return each year
85-89 A 5 to 9% return each year
 80-84 A 0 to 4% return each year
 <80  No return (or negative return)

What is the fee structure?

5 % broker fee on purchase.
Shipping fees to the London City Bond are included (you can also select another warehousing location, but in that case delay and value resale guarantees can vary).

Cellaring fees are directly invoiced to you by the cellaring organization (around 0,18£ per month and per bottle at the London City Bond).

If you decide to resell your bottles through our partner network, a 20 % commission on the generated profit will be invoiced. This fee can only be applied if your investment has generated a ROI of more than 5 % each year. If this is not the case, commission will not be invoiced.

I am a professional and would like to become a reseller of your portfolio building and advice solution. What are the next steps?

We are sending you our special financial adviser business provider contract. This contract clearly states compensation conditions. Contact us.

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