Cavacave, to access the largest privately owned  pooled wine cellar where we facilitate contacts, learnings and transactions. Cavacave is operated by Wine Project, a company born from a long friendship.

Our values 

Our ambition is to offer a safe, warm and human environment for wine lovers. Our initiative is a vector of friendship and humanity. We believe and aim to reproduce the elusive moments of discovering and sharing, offering and opening a bottle. If you enjoy, as we do, these privileged, rare and magical moments, when time is suspended around an delectable bottle, then we invite you to join the Community of Flaskers & Corkers and share with us this maxim from Rabelais : "Wine is the most civilized thing in the world".

How does it work ?

Let us guide you! Today, we reveal only few functions of the site. Our plans and ambition are tuned with feedback  received from Flaskers & Corkers. Browsing the site you can already:

Trade wine amongst Flaskers & Corkers using our secured and anonymous transactional platform.

Travel and discover the French vineyards and the multiple designations (only in French at the moment)

Select a safe and perfectly designed storage solution amongst our partners.

Estimate your cellars thorough our partnership with Wine Forecast advisers.

Organize your own auctions to sell your bottles.

Contact other passionate wine lovers to exchange experiences and tips.


We wish you a very pleasant visit.

The Founding Flaskers & Corkers 

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